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We do our best to keep informed on computer technology trends, and how innovation and change elsewhere will affect our software. Keep an eye on this site for the latest news.

Top Stories

  • MORE New TeleScript AV Advanced Tutorials on YouTubetm covering a variety of topics from  new or changed Preference, Exporting/Importing files, the new Preview Window, using KeyWordstm, and more to come. This Knowledgebase article is a Catalog of the Tutorials.
  • TeleScript TECH Quarterly Update available 11/1/2017 (see Support Page)
  • TeleScript TECHi Version 1.3.056 available May 2017... updated for iOS 10.3.1, new features, even more reliable!
  • New features for TeleScript TECH... improved function with Windows 10; Bookmarks; Find and Replace, text margins.
  • NEW!!! TeleScript TECHitm for Apple iPad. Full featured professional prompting application with features not found  in the competition. Accepts .RTF, .DOC, .DOCX, .HTML, .TXT (Unicode), and native .TPW (TeleScript ProNEWS files). Load scripts and control the application via a built-in http web service.  Optional TeleScript TECHi controller provides convenient local speed control, as well as other assignable function. Check this site for download and purchase information. Tested for compatibility with iOS Ver 10.3.1
  • Microsoft Windows 10 Yes -- all TeleScript Software works with Windows 10. Although Windows 10 is FAR better than it's predecessor (Windows 8/8.1), users who are converting from Windows 7 should be prepared for a learning curve. Still, to the credit of Microsoft, they've made the upgrade path very simple. You'll be happy to see your desktop just as you left it prior to upgrading. We will prepare a Knowledgebase article with some hopefully helpful hints for getting around Windows 10 as it applies to use of TeleScript Software. 
  • TeleScript ProNEWS Time Limited Registration Code (TLRC) All TeleScript ProNEWS licenses will include  NR connection features -- the ability ot monitor and synchronize with MOS and FTP based Newsroom Computer Systems. The price has been lowered from $3995 to $3495. A 10  button HCU100 USB controller may be added for only $475 when purchased with the software. Also, TeleScript ProNEWS licenses will be available on a Time Limited Registration Code basis; that is,  a license for one month, six months, one year, etc., for a fraction of the cost of an SK (security key) based system. Users who need an additional license to cover a busy time may  expand their software arsenal economically. For more information, CLICK HERE.
  • Mailing List  If you're not already on the TeleScript Software mailing list, please send a request to  info@telescriptwest.com.