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About Us

Telescript West, founded in 1981 and incorporated in 1985, for 30 years has developed professional teleprompting applications software. With millions of hours of use in the most demanding of prompting circumstances, TeleScript Protm/ProNEWStm, TeleScriptAVtm, and TeleScriptTECHtm set the bar for reliability, features and overall value in the professional production industry. For the professional musician, HiredGunRMStm, provides comprehensive repertoire organization and display. See products page for details.

TeleScript Software

  • TeleScript Protm/TeleScript ProNEWStm - The overwhelming choice of prompting professionals througout the US and the world.
  • TeleScript AVtm - TeleScript AV is comprehensive teleprompting software. Easy to learn for beginners, but designed to be comprehensive for professionals. Click the logo at left for more information.
  • TeleScript TECHtm -- A quick learning curve, software "flipping", and ultra-smooth scrolling make this a great choice for rental houses, corporate video departments, and professional users.
  • HiredGunRMStm -- Feature laden repertoire management, chart and lyrics display for professional musicians, band leaders, teachers, and students.

Our Philosophy

This site is maintained by the staff of Telescript West, Inc. and is dedicated to all the customers, operators, talent, associates, and all those people we've met over the years who have made these thirty years meaningful and rewarding.