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TeleScript Software Technical Support

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To contact TeleScript Software Technical Support, please visit  TeleScript Software Help Desk and submit a "ticket" (service request.)

You can find the answers to most common questions in the  Knowledgebase (FAQ).

If you need support that can't be provided from the Knowlebase, then  contact TeleScript Software technical support to make an appointment
for a remote session  via Bomgar Connect.

Click the following link if the technician the technician alternately requests to connect via  GoToAssist.

Get help with installation and basic operation of TeleScript TECHi; videos and text.

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Download the latest installers for TeleScript Software (GOLD VERSIONS)
Click here to see minimum system requirements to run Gold Versions.
TeleScript Software title and version Download EXE or ZIP Revision History
TeleScriptTECH Ver10.1.2.102
Rev Dec 2, 2017
TeleScript TECH Installer Revision History
TeleScriptTECH PATCH Ver
Rev Dec 1, 2017 (see note 2)
TeleScript TECH PATCH Revision History
TeleScript AV V7.3.1.034
Rev Jan 24, 2018 (see note 1)
TeleScript AV Installer Revision History
TeleScript AV PATCH
Rev an 24, 2018 (see note 2)
TeleScript AV PATCH Revision History
TeleScript ProNEWS Ver
Rev Dec 1 2017 (see note 1 and note 3)
TeleScript ProNEWS Installer Revision History
TeleScript ProNEWS PATCH
Rev Dec 1 2017 (see note 2 and note 3)
TeleScript ProNEWS PATCH Revision History
1Installer includes TSW-MOS-Gateway
Rev 3/15/2017 for use with MOSVer 2.8.4
Required for and above
2Installer included iNews-Gateway,, Rev 01/20/2017
3ProNEWS PATCH, AV PATCH, or TECH PATCH can be used ONLY on existing Gold Version Installations.

Download legacy Windows XP compatible versions of TeleScript Software (GREEN VERSIONS)
TeleScript Software title and version Download EXE or ZIP Revision History
TeleScriptTECH Ver10.1.2.059 Rev May 16 2012 TeleScript TECH Installer Revision History
TeleScript AV V7.2.1.136 Rev Aug 26 2012* TeleScript AV Installer Revision History
TeleScript Pro Ver Rev Sep 08 2013* TeleScript Pro NEWS Installer Revision History
*Installer includes MOS-Gateway, Revised Apr 29 2012
and iNews-Gateway,, Revised Dec 10, 2012

NOTES: All SecurityKey versions of TeleScript AV, TeleScript Pro and TeleScript TECH require new Safenet SentinelPro drivers, Ver 7.6.6.  The driver-installer is placed on your local drive when you select "Complete" in the TeleScript-AV, Pro or TECH setup dialog. A shortcut is placed at...

  "Windows-Start/All Programs/Telescript/TeleScript AV (Pro, or TECH)/Sentinel Protection Installer 7.6.x"

...for easy access and installation. If for any reason you are missing "Sentinel Protection Installer", you can download it from the link below.

We also suggest that you "uninstall" any existing installation of TeleScript AV, Pro, or TECH before reinstalling the current version. Click here for complete installation instructions.

TeleScript SB

Download the selected installer to your local computer. If you download the .ZIP version, just extract "TeleScriptSB-Setup.exe" to a convenien location on your machine. Then, double click to run the installer. TeleScript SB will run in "demo mode" until you've received a license code. You can  read basic installation and instructions for use on the Knowledgebase.

TSUSB64a.INF should install the proper USB controller driver on all Windows systems, including Windows 7/64bit OS and Windows 8/64.

This is a ZIP file. Download (Save) to  your desktop and unzip the file, copying TSUSB64A.INF and TSUSB64A.CAT to your "%windows%/INF" folder. On most computers, this is  "C:\windows\INF".

After copying (un-zipping) the files, plug your controller into your computer's USB port. Windows should automatically find  and install the proper driver for the controller. In the event that windows does not install the driver  follow the instructions in this Knowledgebase tutorial.

USB to Serial Converter Click here for Prolific USB-Serial driver Version 3.8.12 download.

This is the most recent driver available for the Prolific 2303 chip set. This version fixes  the issue that caused discontinuities in the data stream from legacy HCS100/200 controllers. Please read  this Knowledgebase article for more information.

Telescript West, Inc. sells only Prolific 2303 adapters from "Plugable" which

If you experience trouble with your Telescript security key,  Click this link to download the latest drivers (v7.6.8). Choose to Save this file to the desktop, then run the downloaded .exe and follow the setup procedure.

NOTE1: If your browser will not allow downloading an .exe file, then you can download this .ZIP version at THIS LINK.

NOTE2: Recent versions of TeleScript software require the updated Sentinel Protection drivers and will not run otherwise. SentinelProtectionInstaller7.6.x.exe is placed on your computer when you run any recent TeleScript software installer. Look in

  "Windows Start/TeleScript/TeleScript Product/Sentinel Protection Installer".

Sentinel Medic: This program, The Sentinel Superpro Medic  can help determine if keys are present, and if the proper drivers are installed. Download from this link. Save to your desktop and double click the icon to install. After installing, insert your Security Key before running the program.

Field Exchange Utility:" This program, Sentinel Field Exchange Utility - Version 7.1, should be installed when advised by Telescript Service technicians. The Field Exchange Utility allows you to generate a code based upon your security key. Telescript technical support can use the code generated by the utility to reprogram your security key for new applications or new features for existing applications. INSTALL THE FIELD EXCHANGE UTILITY ONLY IF INSTRUCTED BY TELESCRIPT TECHNICAL SUPPORT.

Microsoft DirectX
Direct3D9 June 2010 (most recent redistributable runtime)

Download and install the latest Direct3D package to ensure the smoothest scrolling and display performance, or if you see "Missing D3DX9_43.dll" error message when you launch TeleScript Software.  Click here to begin the download. Save this file to the desktop. Installation instructions may be found on the Knowledgebase in this article (Missing D3DX9_43.DLL)..

Windows Update
The Windows Update service from Microsoft updates your computer with their latest fixes:  and newest components. Click here to visit the Windows Update web site.

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