Telescript West, Inc.

1504 Dartmouth Ave

Austin, TX  78757

office (512) 302-0766


About Telescript West Inc

Telescript West, founded in 1981 by Jim Stringer, was incorporated in 1985. For 30 years we have developed professional teleprompting application software. With millions of hours of use in the most demanding of prompting circumstances, TeleScript Pro/NR, TeleScript AV, and TeleScript TECH set the bar for reliability, features and overall value in the professional production industry.


This page will eventually document the history of  Telescript West, Inc. For now, you'll some great vintage teleprompter images from the 50 plus year  history of Telescript, Inc.

Telescriptor and Telecue TeleCue and TeleScriptor teleprompter.
Telescriptor Vintage TeleScriptor teleprompter
Telecue Vintage TeleCue teleprompter
Literature with picture of Bob Swanson Bob Swanson founder and teleprompting pioneer.
TeleScript PC
ca. 1988
TeleScript PC software.
TeleScript C64
ca. 1985
Teleprompting software for Commodore 64.
12" MPS Telescript vintage fifteen inch CRT teleprompter.
17" MPS Telescript vintage 17 inch CRT teleprompter.
FailSafe Controller Fail safe controller.
9" MPS Telescript vingage 9 inch CRT teleprompter
TeleScript PC on Keycomp Computer TeleScript PC teleprompter software on Keycomp computer.
Telescript Show Controller Telescript teleprompter show controller.
The Brick 10 PBN Controller Telescript ten button controller for TeleScript PC teleprompting software.
TeleScript LT TeleScript LT vintage teleprompter software.
TeleScript NR TeleScript NR vintage teleprompter software.