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Austin, TX  78757

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TSW-TECH Quick-Start teleprompting software for production, and rental operations.

TeleScript TECH Logo

- CD-ROM Install Disk
- Security key multi-computer roaming license
TECH-RC - Software download
- Software registration code for use on a single computer


12 Button USB, backlit controller
10 Button USB controller
10 Button USB Dual controller

More options and accessories on Products page

System Requirements

  • Vista, Win7 32/64, or Win8 (32/64)
  • (Windows XP is NOT Supported)
  • XVGA video with 128MB V-RAM
  • Mouse or trackpad
  • Windows minimum specs

Tech is GROWING -- Get your license NOW!!!

Easy to configure and compatible with Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8.0/8.1, Windows 10
**NEW** Unlimited Bookmarks
**NEW** Find and Replace
• Optional XK12 Controller licensed -- NO DONGLE or REG CODE NEEDED
• Optional specially designed 12 Button, backlit, XK12 Controller
• FLIP technology for use with non-reversing monitors
• High reliability DataSafetm architecture.
• 15 minute learning curve - now easier than ever!
Hello Dialog helps new users to get started
**NEW** Full Windows Best Practices Menu as well as Quick Context Menu
• FLIP (vertical and horizontal) technology for use with non-reversing monitors
• RTF, TXT, DOC and DOCX script load - RTF save
Direct loading of MS-Word .DOC and .DOCX files.
**NEW** QuickZoomtm function for fast editing on the set
• Controller options:

  • XK-12 USB 12 Button Backlit Controller HCUXK12
  • TeleScript 10 Button Control (single or New Dual HCU200 USB)
  • USB Foot Pedal
  • Mouse movement
  • Wheel-mouse

• True WYSIWYG point and click full-screen editing
• Prompt and edit in any size, and style True Type Font
• Cut, Copy, Paste & Move Functions
Direct Scrolltm ultra-smooth scrolling at max resolution -- no video tweaking needed!!!
• True Unicode support for all world languages
• Download installer ensures "freshest" code
• Security Ked Mobile License, or Single Computer Registration Code

Download TECH Demo

(NOTE: Demo is full software version, but runs in "demo mode" until a Security Key is present, or a valid registration code is entered.)