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TeleScript ProNEWStm / AVtm / TECHtm Time Limited Registration Code (TLRC)

Do you need an additional TeleScript ProNEWS/TeleScript AV/TeleScript TECH license for a big show, or special event? You can save money with a   Time Limited Registration Code (TLRC). The code applies ONLY to the computer for which is issued, and expires at the appointed time. In between, all  features are active, including the ability to connect to MOS hosts, and Tpro Host/Client mode.

Please note that license codes are best issued using EMAIL or the Help Desk. The codes are long, and it's easy to  to make transcription errors. Also, codes are issued "by hand" -- there can be a time lag between requesting a code and the issuance of the code, particularaly outside  normal business hours. Help Desk requests issue a "notification" to the technical staff and are easiest to fill quickly.

Prior to purchase of a code via PayPal, download and install TeleScript ProNEWS/TeleScript AV/TeleScript TECH on the target computer. The Computer ID (CID) should be copied and pasted into the email,

Purchase with PayPal or call for assistance.

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