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TeleScript TECHi - Professional Teleprompting for iPad

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TSW-TECHIPAD A complete, production-level teleprompting system for the Apple iPad® provides a full-screen, simple to learn and use interface – just like its TeleScript TECH counterpart. Large, high-contrast icons are easily tapped and viewable in a variety of production environments, and the exclusive TECHi Controller gives unparalleled precision control – even with an external display. With features and options comparable with desktop prompting software, TECHi adds a valuable tool to any prompter operator's kit.

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TeleScript 3-Button Hand Control


File Support

  • File and folder management
  • RTF, HTML, TXT, and TeleScript TPW/TPX file support
  • Send TPW/TPX files directly from TeleScript ProNEWS
  • Quickly open files from e-mail attachments
  • iTunes® file sharing – transfer files between Windows and Mac computers
  • UNICODE world language support
  • Manage files from any web browser via WiFi – including smart phones


  • True WYSIWYG editing shows exactly how text will be prompted
  • Text editing with customizable fonts, styling, and alignment
  • Fast transition to prompt, with zero wait time
  • Set the defaults for colors, line spacing, font
  • Quick ZOOM adjusts the font size on-the-fly
  • Connected displays show all edits in real time
  • Bookmarks: customizable markers that save with each script
  • Find & replace feature to quickly edit text


  • Smooth, broadcast-quality scrolling engine
  • MEM/RCL for quick script navigation, even while scrolling
  • Flip feature allows use of iPad as prompter in on-camera setup
  • Use ZOOM and Bookmarks while scrolling

External Display

  • Use an external display and wired controller simultaneously (see below)
  • Flip horizontally/vertically, independent from iPad to support any prompter monitor
  • All script changes are shown as they happen for immediate reader feedback
  • Prompter free from icons, popups or distractions
  • Supports AirPlay®-compatible devices for wireless video streaming


  • Exclusive TECHi Controller (see below)
  • Intuitive multi-touch control: tap-and-drag to adjust scroll speed
  • Control from a web browser over WiFi – use a smart phone as a wireless controller
  • Supports Bluetooth devices (wireless keyboards, pedals, et al.)
  • Multiple control methods may be used simultaneously

TECHi Controller

  • Custom wired controller that connects through headphone jack
  • Ergonomic and lightweight hand-held design
  • Rotary speed control knob for smooth speed adjustment, plus start/stop push-button
  • Three user-assignable command buttons
  • Cable can be extended over 50'
  • Speed sensitivity and knob direction preferences

* iPad, iTunes, App Store and AirPlay are trademarks of Apple Inc.

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