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Prompting Services

Prompting Equipment


TeleScript Pro/NR for the most demanding live situations
TeleScript AV feature rich, high reliability for video, music, and live television.
Multiple systems available for full on-line backup


Telescript FPS150V     lightweight monitor and mount for ENG and DV cameras
Telescript PRS190     Presidential system -- like the Telescript systems in use at The White House
20" The Roadie (Direct View)    As used by Willie Nelson, George Jones, Dolly Parton, Wynonna Judd and many others.

SeeSharp operators are highly trained and experienced production personel and can handle all prompting situations.
For rates and availability, contact:  info@telescriptwest.com

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SeeSharp Prompting Service
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1504 Dartmouth Ave
Austin, TX  78757
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