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TeleScript ProNEWStm / TeleScript AVtm TLRC registration instructions

  1. Download and install the software from the Products page. Be sure to select the correct version (ProNEWS or AV).
  2. If you have not yet purchased a TLRC, select your purchase here.
  3. When you start the software, you'll be presented with the Registration Dialog

    tlrc dialog

  4. Copy the highlighted Computer ID (CID) and send to Telescript West (registration@telescriptwest.com).
  5. Allow sufficient lead time for our staff to respond.
  6. When you receive the registration code, paste it into the line that reads TLC Code 

    tlrc dlg

    ...and click Register.

You can get information about the license from within TeleScript ProNEWS or TeleScript AV by going to "Help/License info.." to display this dialog:

license info

The application will display license expiration reminders when there are ten days or fewer remaining on the license.

Contact Tech Support if you have questions about the nature of the TLRC, or need additional help.

For installation instructions, read Installing TeleScript AV, ProNEWS or TECH on the Knowledgebase.