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Austin, TX  78757

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Version 7.3 Major Update Now Available!!!

TSW-TAVSK Teleprompting software for studio, stage and performance

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Package Includes:

Security Key (SK)
- CD-ROM install disk
- Security key multi-computer roaming license


Reverse Horizontal Scan
Telescript 10-Button USB Hand Control
Backlit, 12 button controller
HCU200, HCS200
Dual Hand Control to scroll two similar computers simultaneously (requires two licensed copies  of TeleScript AV)
1’ Serial to USB adapter cable for HCS100/200

Quick learning curve for basic operation
• True WYSIWYG point and click full-screen editing
Import directly from almost any file type
    • Microsoft Word (doc and docx)
    • RTF, ANSI and UNICODE text files
    • HTML, Word Perfect and Open Office
• Simple, single script mode or Multi-script runlist mode
KeyWordtm - instant word storage and recall of commonly used phrases
• Handy, customizable tool bar
Versatile timer - count down, stop watch or time of day
• Extensive customizable preferences
Search and Replace with custom attributes
WYSIWYG or customized book form printing
• Quick right-click context menu with common commands
• Full rich text formatting
Per character font attributes - face, size, color & style
Paragraph styles: alignment, text leading, R to L, indents
• Unique text zoom in/zoom out, return to normal
Bookmarks, Find and Replace, Spell Check
Cut, Copy, Paste & Move Functions
Direct ScrollTM ultra-smooth scrolling
• Interfaces with Telescript 10 button controller, Mouse or Foot pedal
Unicode for all world languages
Integrated help with tutorials, and context help
• Extensive session logging for auditing and service
Optional AV/NR key for use with:
    • MOS newsroom systems such as ENPS, iNews, and Octopus
    • TeleScript ProNEWS Host/Client mode
    • Other networked copies of TeleScript AV/NR
Optional direct loading of ENPS .dat format runlists

Download Demo

Installation Instructions

(NOTE: Demo is full software version, but runs in "demo mode"  until a Security Key is present, or a valid registration code is entered.)