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TeleScript Software XK12JS Controllers

The HCU-XK12JS Controllers is an alternative to the traditional HCU100/200 ten button controller.

The HCU-XK12JS may be purchased in either of two configurations



XK12JSProgramming and legends specifically for TeleScript AV and/or TeleScript ProNEWS. The functions are described in this document:

HCU-XK12JS-AV Function Description

The HCU-XK12JS-AV can also be used with TeleScript TECH, however it will not, in this configuration, act as a license server.








XK12JSProgramming and legends are specific to TeleScript TECH. In addition, the HCU-XK12JS-TECH programming act as a license for TeleScript TECH -- you do not need a Registration Code (RC) or Security Key (dongle) to prompt when the HCU-XK12JS-TECH is connected. The functions are described in this document:

HCU-XK12JS-TECH Function Description

The HCU-XK12JS-TECH controller may be used with TeleScript AV/ProNEWS as well, but it will not function as a license server with these applications.

Click here for a video demo of the HCU-XK12JS-TECH controller with TeleScript TECH