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New TeleScript SB AddIn -- Screen Blanker -- JUST $34.95!!!

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Most professional operators have been asked from time to time to blank the teleprompter monitors to minimize light spill or to remove a distraction to a speaker. Unplugging a monitor is not the best choice. There may be unexpected side effects such as video static, or difficulty in regaining sync when connection is established. Removing power to the monitor has similar potential problems.

TeleScript SB is the answer -- Screen Blanker (SB) is not the fanciest name, but this is a nifty little application that is compact, easy to install, easy to disable if needed, and useful, not just for prompting, but for your computer in general -- we originally called this "TeleScript QB" for "Quick... it's the BOSS!!!"... it's also good for quickly hiding your in-progress game of "Angry Birds"!!!

Activated by a single "global" hot-key (<Alt+F8>), TeleScript SB instantly sends BLACK to your monitor -- either or both in extended monitor setups. Alternately, you can specify an image such as a logo for display. A second tap of the hot-key just as quickly returns your normal application to the screen.

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TSW-SPAPP $34.95