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HCU100 and HCU200 Controllers


  • Red/Green LED indicate line connection status
  • Previous Marker (up arrow)
  • Next Marker (down arrow)
  • Previous Script (PRV)
  • Next Script (NXT)
  • Recall (RCL)
  • Go (Green)
  • Memory (MEM)
  • Stop (Red)
  • Bookmark (Blue)
  • Inverse (Black)*
  • Speed Control Knob (right side)

*The BLACK key is assignable in TeleScript Pro.

Technical Specs
  • Length: 4.75in (12cm), Width: 3.5in (6.4cm), Depth: 1-9/16in (4.1cm)
  • Weight: 6.1oz (173gr)
  • Connecting cables are USB 2.0 Standard
  • Computer connector: USB 2.0 Standard Type-A
  • Euipment connector: USB 2.0 Hi-retention Type-B (printer type)
  • Case is impact and heat resistant polystyrene
  • Color: Light gray top, Charcoal gray base, black lettering
  • Switches: momentary contact
  • Speed Control: Analog, sealed with locking nut, 315° rotation
  • Index marker for precise positioning.


Call 512-302-0766 to purchase.