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Do you have some tips for using TeleScript software with ENPS or other NCS systems?


Both TeleScript ProNEWS and TeleScript AV/NR may be used as a client for Newsroom Computer Systems (NCS.) TeleScript AV requires a special security key to function in this capacity, whereas all current TeleScript ProNEWS systems have this capability. Call Telescript West, Inc. (512-302-0766) for price and delivery information.

The following three documents will help in configuring ENPS and other NCS systems for use with TeleScript ProNEWS using TeleScript MOS-Gateway(tm). The documents also describe the settings for use with TeleScript MOS-Gateway, and TeleScript ProNEWS.

For TeleScript PRONEWS and ENPS: Telescript-ENPS Configuration

For TeleScript ProNEWS and Octopus NCS: Telescript-Octopus Configuration

For TeleScript ProNEWS and iNews: Telescript-iNEWS Configuration

TeleScript AV/NR may also be used with these systems either with TeleScript MOS-Gateway, or by loading the ENPS prompter list. The configuration using MOS is the same as described in the documents for TeleScript ProNEWS.

To use TeleScript AV/NR (requires a special security key) with the ENPS "Dump to Prompter" command, you must be able to access the network folder used for this purpose by ENPS. If you are not certain, the ENPS administrator should be able to tell you.

In general, here's how the MOS-Gateway works with compatible an NCS.

  • On CONNECT, the MOS-Gateway sends <roReqAll> on port 10541.
  • The expected NCS return is <roListAll>. MOS-Gateway uses this return to populate the combo box in the lower section of the Gateway dialog box.
  • The prompter operator then selects the runlist to air in the populated combo box.
  • The MOS Gateway then sends the NCS <roReq> with the <roID> field set to the selected runlist;
  • the NCS responds with <roList> followed by <roStorySend> for each item in the list.
  • The MOS Gateway writes the runlist in TeleScript ProNEWS format and writes each script in TeleScript TPX format (similar to, but not identical to MOS format) to the Watched Folder.
  • All that is required to update the runlist order is a subsequent <roList> with stories in the proper order... Telescript ProNEWS will determine if deletions or insertions are made.
  • All that is required to update a specific story is an <roStorySend>.

No other MOS messages are required from the NCS and will, in fact, needlessly complicate the system.

TeleScript AV can also be used with the ENPS "Dump to Prompter" menu selection. This text file describes the process:

Dump to Prompter Instructions


Modified 1/16/2017 JS

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