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How to create a desktop shortcut to use Command Line Switches


Using Command Line Switches

All TeleScript Software allows the use of Command Line Switches to control certain features.

TeleScript AV Command Line Switches

  • -E, Force the use of the legacy riched20.dll
  • -F, Force start in Full Screen Mode
  • -K, Black button optional command index
  • -N, Automatically start in client mode
  • -O, Skip controller initialization so TAV can be used with, for example, TeleScript TECH
  • -P, Go to directly to prompter mode
  • -Q, Force use of runlist
  • -R, Rrestore last runlist, must be used with -Q
  • -S, Restore last script (can't be used with -R)
  • -T, Keep TeleScript AV on top of all other windows while scrolling
  • -V, Do not initialize doc/docx converter
  • -Z, Reset defaults

TeleScript ProNEWS Command Line Switches

  • -A, do not protect currently prompting file in newsroom client mode
  • -B, for running Tpro with RDP (Remote Desktop Protocol
  • -C, set command file name for HOST/CLIENT
  • -E, Force the use of the legacy riched20.dll
  • -F, Sset remote file name
  • -G, Skip controller initialization
  • -K, Set keyword filename
  • -L, Set F5 lockout
  • -M, Automatically connect to newsroom HOST/CLIENT
  • -OS, Set alternative arrow color arrow
  • -P, Set remote path for HOST/CLIENT mode
  • -R, Restore last runlist, must be used with -U
  • -S, Scripts associated with .dat runlist are .RTF
  • -T, Do not initialize print function
  • -U, Set last runlist name
  • -V, Do not initialize doc/docx converter
  • -W, Hide stories with specified "trigger" tags
  • -Y, Hide text in TPX documents that is set off by <>
  • -Z, Reset defaults

TeleScript TECH Command Line Switches

  • -A, Set Arrow position.
  • -C, Autoset Color Depth to 16 bit (Win 7 Only)
  • -L, Restore last script
  • -P, Go Directly to Prompter
  • -S, Set last script name
  • -V, Bypass converter initialization(s)
  • -Z, Reset defaults

MOS-Gateway Command Line Switches

  • -D"), Dalet file naming precautions
  • -E, Disable ENPS naming
  • -O, Set this to omit the path in runlist

How to use Command Line Switches

Although it's not obvious in modern Windows versions, all applications are started with a Command Line. Generally, the command to start an application is stored in the registry, and is set when the application is installed. However, this default command line can be bypassed by creating startup shortcut. There may be many ways to create a shortcut to an application, but this article presents one easy methods that works with all versions of Windows.

The Windows Desktop Shortcut

  1. Right-click on the Windows desktop and select "New/Shortcut"
  2. When asked "What item would you like to create a shortcut for?", ignore the poor grammar and use the "Browse" button to navigate to the program folder for your TeleScript Software. For example, this might be "C:\Program Files (x86)\Telescript\TeleScriptAV\TeleScriptAV.exe". Click OK to insert the runtime file into the shortcut... do NOT click "Next" -- not yet.
  3. Add the command line switch AFTER the closing quotation marks... for example, to set TeleScript AV to go directly to Prompter Mode, the command line should look like this:
    "C:\Program Files (x86)\Telescript\TeleScriptAV" -P
  4. NOW, click Next
  5. When asked "What would you like to name your shortcut?", think of a descriptive name, and type it in.
  6. Click "Finish" to complete the process.
  7. Find your shortcut on the desktop and give it a try.
  8. Shortcuts created in the manner can safely be deleted... just drag them to the trash if you're done with it.
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