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What is the difference between TeleScript ProNEWS and TeleScript AV


It's difficult to create a comparison table for TeleScript ProNEWS and TeleScript AV. Though they are similar in some respects, they actually differ in design philosophy and each have strengths:


TeleScript ProNEWS (TPro) features a complete "runlist" with information on anchors, running times, back times, writers, etc. Script information requires a proprietary file format for storage. TeleScript AV (TAV) uses the runlist concept, but displays only the script name in the dialog box. Since no persistent script information is maintained, TAV uses the common RTF format for storage.


TeleScript ProNEWS Scripts are "preloaded" (a copy of the disk file is created in the computer's memory.) In a newsroom environment, this provides some degree of protection against a LAN failure preventing script access. TeleScript AV loads scripts from the runlist "just in time". If the scripts are stored on a network drive, there is the exposure of LAN failure. However, on the plus side, this means the most recent version of the script is always displayed.


TeleScript ProNEWS is based on a Multiple Document Interface. The TeleScript ProNEWS application contains many windows with varying functions: script, runlist, timer, dialog controller, application logging, prompter. These windows can easily be arranged to the user's liking.

TeleScript AV is based on the Single Document Interface. Only one script can be opened at a time from the runlist. As mentioned above, scripts are loaded on a "just in time" basis insuring that the freshest copy of each script is prompted. This interface is less complex and generally allows for rapid learning curve for basic operation.


TeleScript ProNEWS and TeleScript AV are both written in the "C" language, with direct API interface. Most competing programs are constructed in RDE's - rapid development environments - and are largely based on third party "black box" runtime libraries. Our proprietary DataSafetm construction insures valid data is used throughout, eliminating a major source of application failure. Reliability is the bottom line for all TeleScript software.

Both programs have a similar layout of menus. It's generally easy for an operator to go from TeleScript AV to TeleScript ProNEWS and vice versa.

Also, both programs have similar advanced features:


  • Load txt, rtf, doc, docx, and most other document formats directly from disk.
  • On screen timer with time of day, count down, or stopwatch functions;
  • Full function word processor editing;
  • Zoom in / Zoom out / return to normal;
  • Spell check with customizable dictionaries;
  • Find and replace;
  • Keyword for rapid entry of commonly used text, complete with formatting;
  • Bookmarks;
  • Multiple controllers with automatic control arbitration (10 button serial or USB, dialog, mouse or trackball, footpedal(s));
  • Complete application logging for audit trail or troubleshooting;
  • NR extensions allow integration with MOS newsroom systems via TeleScript MOS-Gateway;
  • help and context help;


And most importantly, Telescript West's renown product support.



  • Multi document interface for editing while prompting.
  • Host/Client mode for use as a simple NCS.
  • RTF log window.




  • Insert function for placing date, time, revision info, etc., in script.
  • Extended on-screen dialog controller for rapid access to program functions
  • Mix multiple fonts and colors in a single document


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