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TeleScript SB -- Installing and basic instructions


TeleScript SB is straightforward to install and use.

•    Download the installer from www.telescriptservice.com
•    Run the installer
•    Click on the TeleScript SB icon which is placed on the desktop
•    When presented with the Registration screen, copy and send the CID (Computer ID) to registration@telescriptwest.com
•    You will receive a license code... copy an paste this into the registration dialog.
•    Exit from TeleScript SB (right click the taskbar notification area icon and select "Exit") to ensure that the license code is properly recorded.

This is a onetime step. Your license code will be copied into the registry and will be automatically entered each time you start TeleScript SB.

There are three ways you can start TeleScript SB with other TeleScript Software:

1.    Manually start TeleScript SB by clicking the icon which was placed on the desktop during installation, preferably before you launch your TeleScript Software.

2.    After TeleScript SB is running, use TeleScript SB preferences (right click on the icon in the notification tray -- bottom right of the Windows task bar) to set "Run at Windows startup"

3.    Enter TeleScript SB as an "AddOn" in TeleScript ProNEWS or TeleScript AV. Use of AddOns is explained elsewhere.

Once TeleScript SB is running, you'll see the SB Icon in the notification area. By right clicking the icon and selecting "Preferences":

•    select which screen(s) you would like to blank
•    set the hotkey used to blank the screen, (default is <Alt+F8>
•    select the color -- default is black
•    select an image file to display on the screen, for example a company logo, or a screen shot while busily at work -- quickly change Candy Crush to a spread sheet!
•    choose to hide the mouse cursor on the screen

Be aware that only the selected hotkey will make the monitor visible again -- DON'T FORGET YOUR HOTKEY!!!

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