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I have a Security Key (dongle) -- do I need a Registration Code?


If no security key is plugged in, TeleScript software (TeleScript Pro, TeleScript AV, TeleScript TECH) will display a Computer ID, then will wait for you to enter a Registration Code, or to continue in "Demo" mode.

This may also happen if a key is plugged in, but the security key drivers have not been installed. Newer versions of TeleScript Software require an updated driver which is compatible with all current 32 and 64 bit Windows systems.

Assuming you have installed TeleScript Software you recently downloaded from TeleScript West, or TeleScript Service, follow these steps AFTER running the TeleScript Software install and BEFORE you plug in your Security Key

  1. Remove the security key from the USB (or parallel for older versions) port
  2. Go to Windows Start/All Programs/Telescript/TeleScriptAV (ProNEWS, or TECH)/Sentinel Protection Installer.
  3. Run the installer, specifying a "complete" install -- answer "No" when asked about modifying the firewall.
  4. After the installer exits, plug in the security key. If a restart is require, wait until Windows is restarted and stabilized before plugging in the key.
  5. Wait while Windows associates the hardware with driver.
  6. When Windows reports that "Your new hardware is ready to use", then you may start your TeleScript software.

If you have properly installed the driver, and the key is correctly programmed, then the Registration Dialog will be skipped.

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