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Installing TeleScript AV, ProNEWS or TECH


Instructions for installing TeleScript Software: AV, ProNEWS, or TECH

NOTE: The graphics in this article may refer to older version numbers. "Gold" installers are named, for example, "TeleScriptAV-Gold-Setup.exe". The installation process is the same.

Step 1 - If you have an existing installation of TeleScript software (AV or ProNEWS), uninstall using the Windows Control Panel.


Step 2 - Remove security key and controllers from the computer.


Step 3 - Download the most recent TeleScript AV or ProNEWS installer

Go to the Telescript Service website and download the installer. When you see this dialog box, click "Save".

You will then see the Windows "Save as.." dialog box. The dialog box pictured is Windows XP with Internet Explorer 8. The "Save as.." dialogs will vary depending upon the version of Windows and the browser used, but the end result will be the same.

Click on the "Desktop" icon. This will save the installer to your desktop where it will be easy to locate. Windows will display this dialog as the file is downloaded to your computer:


Step 4 - Run the Installer

After the download is completed, double click on the Installer Icon. If you see this dialog:

...then Click "Run" to continue installing the application. When asked, select "Complete" installation.


Step 5 - Update "Sentinel Driver". Remove Sentinel Key before updating.

The TeleScript AV/ProNEWS/Tech "Complete" install places the "Sentinel Protection Installer" shortcut on your desktop. If you have previously used your Sentinel Key on the target computer, there is no need to remove this version of the driver -- it will be superseded by the new installation. However the version of the driver provided by the installer is required for TeleScript AV/Pro/Tech to run properly.

You'll find the driver installation at Windows/Start/All Programs/Telescript/TeleScript(Version)/Sentinel Protection Installer. Installation is quick and straightforward -- just follow the instructions display. When asked, select "Complete" installation; also, when asked about modification of "firewall" settings, click "No". Windows may require a restart in order to complete the installation.

When the driver installation is complete, insert the Security Key and wait while Windows associates the driver with the hardware. At the completion of this step, Windows will display a notification to the effect that "Your new hardware is ready to use".

If you did not run the "complete" installation, these drivers may be downloaded from www.telescriptservice.com.

IMPORTANT: If you purchased a Single Computer License (registration code), see this link for REGISTRATION INSTRUCTIONS


Step 6 - Run TeleScript AV or ProNEWS

Attach your security key and controller, then double click the TeleScript AV or ProNEWS Icon to start.

IMPORTANT-If you have installed a "Gold Version" on a machine that previously ran the "Green Version", you may import settings from your previous version. The first time you launch the Gold Version, a dialog box appears asking if you want to import the previous version settings as shown here:

To import the previous settings, select "YES".

If you would prefer to start with fresh DataSafetm settings, then select "NO". You will not be presented with this dialog again.

If you have issues, please submit a service ticket on the Help Desk (<--click the Help Desk Link.) Please specify the operating system (eg., Windows XP-SP3, Windows Vista-SP1, Windows 7/64, etc.), the steps you have performed, the unexpected results, and any other information that might help us to help you!


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