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I exported my runlist to a flash drive. I can open the runlist, but there are no scripts!


TeleScript Pro or TeleScript AV

I exported my Rnlist to a flash drive. I can open the Runlist, but there are no scripts!

Exporting is creating a copy of a Runlist and Scripts from the originating machine (Source) to the destination machine (Target). Exporting may be used for various purposes:

  • Archiving Runlists and Scripts;
  • Sharing a Runlist and Scripts on a mapped network drive;
  • Transferring a Runlist and Scripts to another computer not on the network, as in a live show situation.
  • Any other situation where a copy of the Scripts and Runlist is needed.
When you "Export" a Runlist using TeleScript AV, or TeleScript Pro, the program creates a copy of each Script in the Runlist, and then enters the name (or path) to the Script in the exported Runlist File

When the user of the Target opens the Runlist, it looks for the Scripts at the path specified in the Runlist. If the path specified on the Source machine differs from the path on the Target machine, then the Target will be unable to find the Scripts.

To illustrate, here's a sample Runlist, ExampleScripts-Tpro-FullPath.TRL, created on a local machine, and exported into TeleScriptProData\ExportTest on the local C: drive:

C:\Users\Jstrings\Documents\TeleScriptProData\ExportTest\Telescript Tutorial script.TPW

If this Runlist is accessed by a Target machine on the network, it will look for each script at the path specified -- which, obviously, exists, not on the Target machine's C: drive, but on the Source machine's C: drive.

On the other hand, if the Source machine and Target machine are set up to have a common network share -- in this example, M: -- with a folder, "TeleScriptProExport", then a Runlist exported to this folder would look like this:

M:\TeleScriptProExport\Telescript Tutorial script.TPW

In the case that the medium for sharing the Runlist is a flash drive, then it's likely that the system will assign a different drive letter to the flash drive in each machine. Again in this case, the Target will not be able to find the scripts at the path specified. When using a portable drive, the best means of exporting is to omit the script path entirely. Here's how to instruct TeleScript Pro or TeleScript AV to omit the script path when exporting

TeleScript Pro

  1. Start TeleScript Pro, create or load your runlist
  2. Go to Tools/Options, click the "Runlist" Tab
  3. Find and uncheck "Include script path when exporting runlist" (at the bottom of the "Misc Runlist Options" group.)

  4. Close preferences and go to File/Export Runlsit...
  5. Navigate to the desired export folder, name the export file, and click "Save"

Here's the same runlist saved with path's omitted. (".\" tells Pro to look in the "current folder."

.\Telescript Tutorial script.TPW

TeleScript AV

The procedure for TeleScript AV is similar to that for TeleScript Pro... the checkbox is located at Tools/Preferences/Misc, in the Export Group: "Include complete script path when exporting runlist." Unchecking this box removes the path specification from scripts listed in the Runlist.

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