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Can I load .DOC and .DOCX files?


You can load native MS-Word file formats, .DOC and .DOCX, although if you do not have Word installed on the prompting machine, you may have to install the Microsoft File Format Converters from this link:

Download MS-Word File Converter Pack

Download the file to a convenient location on your computer, then run the installer. When you restart your TeleScript software (AV, Pro or TECH), the converters will be registered.

To load a .DOCX file, once the converters are installed, and using TeleScript AV as an example:

  1. Go to File/Open
  2. Navigate to the folder where your .DOCX file is stored
  3. Set the "filter" (the combo list directly above the "Open" and "Cancel" buttons) to "All Files *.*"
  4. Select the file in the list and click "Open"
  5. Display the script by double clicking the file in your TeleScript AV runlist

NOTE: TeleScript AV can't save files in .DOC(X) format. When you save the file, use .RTF which will maintain all text, formatting, and coloring.

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