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My script had colors, inverse lines, etc. I saved it as an RTF file, but when I reloaded, all the colors and inverse were gone. What happened?

Solution TeleScript Pro and TeleScript AV have the capability of applying selected default attributes to scripts as they are loaded. For example, you may opt to have a common font face, or background/foreground color combination applied to all scripts as they are loaded in order to present  a consistent view on the prompter. However, this would strip out any colors you have purposely set.

If you do not want to apply selected defaults, set preferences so that selected attributes are not applied as scripts are loaded.

For TeleScript AV (shown at right):

1. Select Tools/Preferences from the top menu;
2. Click the "Script 2" tab on the dialog;
3.  Uncheck the box that reads "Apply selected attributes to scripts as they are loaded.";
4. Click OK.

For Telescript Pro:

1. Select Tools/Options from any menu;
2. Click the "Defaults" tab in the Options dialog;
3. Uncheck "Apply selected attributes as they are loaded."
4. Click OK.

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