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I'm having trouble saving Printer Setup Files in Windows 7 (32/64)


NOTE: TeleScript Gold Versions

All support files have been moved into folders that are guaranteed to have read/write access. All printer .XPS files will be read from and written to C:\Users\%username%\Documents\TeleScript(AV/Pro/TECH)Data\Printers. The instructions below apply to "Green" versions and earlier TeleScript Software installations.

Instructions for Legacy "Green" Versions

Windows 7 allows vendors to setup OEM systems to deny application access to the "Program Files" folder. In the past, and with some Win7 setups (particularly upgrades), this was NOT be the case. This is a response to the "security hysteria" surrounding Windows and is geared toward the general user community -- the people who open emails with unsafe attachments, or who surf unsafe, disreputable web sites. Professional, seasoned users sometimes pay the price of unraveling the security restrictions... and this is one example.

If you are having difficulty saving Printer Setups, or if you THINK you saved a Printer Setup, but can't reload it, try resetting the folder permissions on your TeleScript Pro/AV folder. (This discussion refers to TeleScript Pro but is applicable to TeleScript AV as well.)

1. Locate the TeleScript Pro start icon on the desktop... right click;

2. Select "Properties" from the drop down menu;

3. On the "Shortcut" tab, click "Open File Location" to find the program folder. This will open a Windows Explorer in the program folder. It should read something like this:

C:\Program Files\Telescript\TeleScript PRO News

(You have to click in the address bar to convert the text to the actual path... initially it will break the path into "readable" segments... as soon as you click in the address, it will switch to a standard windows path.)

On a Win7/64 bit machine, it will most likely read:

C:\Program Files (x86)\Telescript\TeleScript PRO News

4. Display the contents of the "parent" folder... that is navigate UPward one level to:

C:\Program Files(x86)\Telescript (64 bit system)


C:\Program Files\Telescript (32 bit system)

...and in the folder list displayed in the right pane of explorer, find "TeleScript Pro News". Right click and select "Properties".

5. Click on the Security Tab;

6. In the Security Tab, click on "Advanced"... look through the list and find "Users"... single click on this entry;

7. This will open "Advanced Security Settings for TeleScript Pro News". Click the button which reads "Change Permissions"; this opens yet another dialog box;

8. Select "Everyone" in the list. (If you DON'T see "Everyone", the click "Add" in the the edit box titled "Enter the object name to select", type "Everyone", then click OK. Then select "Everyone" in the list.)

8. Click "Edit" to display "Permission Entry for TeleScript Pro News"... this is a list of the actual permitted actions for this folder. Click "Full Control" in the "Allow" column. Be certain in the "Apply to:" combo box, "This folder, subfolders and files" is selected. ALL the items in the ALLOW column should now be selected for "Everyone".

9. Finally, click 'OK' on each dialog until you're back to "TeleScript Pro News" properties with the Security Tab Selected. Check to be sure that Everyone is in the list of users and that "Permissions for everyone" is set for "Full Control."

10. Close everything... your computer should now be set to allow for writing into the TeleScript Pro program folder. This will allow writing printer setup files.

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