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Using TeleScript Software with Windows 8/8.1/10


All TeleScript Software is build with the most recent SDKs and libraries to be compatible with current Microsoft Windows systems. Windows 8.1, though vastly improved over the initial offering of Windows 8, continues to present challenges to users in several areas. We have had good reports from users who have moved to Windows 10.

Installing the USB 10 Button Controller -- issue solved.

The USB Driver installation file is digitally signed. No special actions are required and Windows should find the driver and automatically associate the driver with the hardware.

Scrolling Smoothness - No 16 Bit High Color Mode

Because Microsoft removed the High Color (16bit) video mode from Windows 8/8.1, selection of this mode can no longer be used to enable smooth scrolling on less expensive laptop computers. Use of a better, discreet, dedicated display adapter is required. See this article for more information. Windows 10 has vastly improved text rendering speed and most users of Windows 10 have reported good results with a variety of models and makes of computers.

No Start Button -- Unfamiliar Interface

The lack of a Start Button in Win 8/8.1 remains an issue, as well as difficulty caused by major changes in the layout, and access to familiar items such as the Control Panel, Device Manager, etc. Aftermarket apps can help. The Start Button has returned in Windows 10 and with the ease of access to Device Manager, Control Panel, Command Prompt, etc., most find Windows 10 an easy to learn upgrade.

General Instability

The stability of Windows 8.1 is improved over Windows 8, however users still report more system wide, driver based issues in Windows 8.1 than in Windows 7 Professional. Time should help as drivers mature and bugs are worked out. TeleScript Software remains as stable as the platform that supports it. Windows 10 is a vast improvement over Windows 8/8.1 and we don't hesitate to recommend computers running this OS. Be sure to install the latest drivers available from your computer manufacturer -- particularly, graphics drivers.

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