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My serial controller is not working


This article applies to Telescript SERIAL controller -- that is, the connection is an RJ9 into a 9 pin dSub adapter. Which of these scenarios best describes your problem? (Click the link.)

Serial Control Doesn't Work after HKLM Access Error

I've just installed TeleScript software on a new computer. When I first ran the program, I got an "HKLM access error." I followed the instructions on the knowledgebase for setting compatibility mode, but now my serial controller is not working. The lights are on, but it's not scrolling the text. What should I do?

No Lights, No Action

My serial control doesn't work. None of the lights are on and they don't flash when my TeleScript software starts. What's wrong?

Not working with USB to Serial Adapter

I've been using my serial controller on another computer which had a nine pin connector. The new computer has only USB ports. I bought a USB-Serial adapter, and plugged it in, but the controller is not working. What should I do?

Serial Control Doesn't Work after HKLM Access Error

As your TeleScript software starts for the first time, default data values are established and stored in the registry. If the registry can't be accessed, then some data is left uninitialized. Specifically, the serial protocol for the controller is set to zeros rather than the required values.

First, set your TeleScript software to run in compatibility mode by following the steps in this Knowledgebase article:

Error Accessing HKLM

Next, delete the corrupted registry key to allow your TeleScript software to re-establish the correct DataSafe(tm) values. To restore the correct serial control defaults follow these steps:

1. Download the appropriate "REG" file from the links below (save to your local desktop):

Serial Control Reg file for TeleScript Pro

Serial Control Reg file for TeleScript AV

2. Unzip and Double click the ".reg" file to "install" in your local registry.

3. Re-run your TeleScript software.

No Lights, No Action

Observe the serial control closely as your TeleScript software initializes. If the LEDs blink during startup, then this indicates that the serial control cables and the serial control itself are basically functional. Set your TeleScript software to create log files as described in this Knowledgebase article, then restart your TeleScript software to create a logfile showing startup activity. Submit a help ticket to Telescript Technical Support. We may be able to determine the source of your problem by analyzing the log file. NOTE: You will have to "zip" the log file in order to attach it to your help ticket.

If your serial control LEDs do not light or blink momentarily, then you may have a hardware issue. The failure is likely one of the following:

1. Cabling: One item at a time, replace the RJ9 cable, then the RJ9-DB9 adapter, using cable/adapter which you know to be good.

2. The Serial Controller itself: If you have another Telescript Serial Control which is known to be working, plug in this controller using the known good cabling. If you don't have a alternate controller, and you suspect that your controller is broken, submit a help ticket to Telescript Technical Support.

3. The Computer's Serial Port: If you have another Telescript Serial Control with cabling with is known to be good, but this controller doesn't not show any LED activity, your serial port may be disabled or non-functional.

Not working with USB to Serial Adapter

The addition of a USB-Serial adapter adds another variable in diagnosis. Check the following:

1. Are the USB-Serial adapter drivers installed? If you're using the adapter provided by Telescript, a link to the most recent drivers is maintained at TelescriptService. For other adapters, contact the manufacturer for updated drivers.

2. If you know the USB-Serial adapter is working properly, then see "No Lights-No Action" above.

3. Check your Windows Device Manager to see that a virtual serial port has been established (look in the Ports section.) The serial port must be COM1 to COM16. Higher ports are not scanned for Serial Controllers.


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