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TeleScript software "Error accessing HKLM"


Applies to:

  • TeleScript AV
  • TeleScript Pro
  • TeleScript JR
  • When I try to start TeleScript software in Windows 7 I get this error message (example shown for TeleScript AV): (TelescriptAV::TAVAnalyzeInitailizationError-128) Error 02CA: Error accessing HKLM.; System error return:5

    This error is connected to the virtualization of the registry in Windows 7, and the exact cause is currently undetermined. You can bypass this mysterious access error in the following way:

    1. Right click on the TeleScript software desktop icon and select "Properties"
    2. Click the "Compatibility" tab
    3. Select "Run in compatability mode" and select "Windows XP SP3" in the combo box.
    4. Click "OK"

    On most systems, this issue does not occur. In fact, the issue often disappears on subsequent runs even if the compatability box is cleared. It may be due to a subtle bug in Win 7 User Account Control. A workaround is included in the most recent updates of TeleScript software.

    If after encountering this problem, your serial controller doesn't work, check this article:

    My serial control is not working.

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