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I am having some trouble keeping two computer in sync when using the dual controller.


I am having some trouble keeping two computer in sync when using the dual controller. Do you have suggestions?

When you have the two machines set identically, there will still be very small variations in the position of each script since, surprisingly, video cards use very imprecise timers for vertical interval. However, the differences in two well synchronized machines should amount to only one or two video lines per 100 lines of text -- normally less than .01% variation. Two computers will stay most closely in sync if you follow these guidelines:

1. Use the same model computers for each -- most importantly, with the same video card. Use the manufacturers applet to assure that settings are the same for both video cards.

2. Be sure the screen sizes are set the same. This is best assured if you are working "full screen".

3. Position the text at the same starting point.

4. Install the same version of TeleScript software on both computers. Over time, we have made tweaks to the scrolling engine and timing may be affected.

5. Update the Windows OS on both systems -- all Windows program, including TeleScript, rely on operating systems resources and the variance between Windows OS version may make a difference.

6. For similar reasons, update DirectX. You can find the most recent "redistributable" on our web site, Telescript Service.

7. Check that the font face and size are the same on both computers and that the scripts are identically formatted.

8. Check that the "Speed Gradient" is set the same on both computers. To verify this, go to Tools/Preferences. On version and higher, click the "Controllers" tab. On earlier versions, click the "Prompter" tab. Move the "Speed Gradient" slider to the same position on each machine. A good standard for dual control is second tick from the right.

See also this Knowledgebase article for additional tips.

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