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How should I set up computers for scrolling in sync?


Sync between computers is dependent upon the computer display card. The more closely the display is matched, the more closely they will scroll together. Here are some things you can do to help establish sync:

  1. Set the video resolution, color depth, and refresh rate to the same values on each computer. Scrolling speed is locked to the refresh rate - speed variation can be calculated in direct proportion to the difference in refresh rate. You can read the refresh rates from TeleScript AV "Help/About" in the Display segment.
  2. Be certain the font on each machine is identical. Small variations in vector based fonts can cause the lines to wrap differently. Use "TestStandard-LineNumbers.rtf" to help... because the line wrapping is hard coded, there will be no line wrapping issues.
  3. Download this test script to help in determining the difference between computer setups:


    Click the link and save the file in some easy to locate folder. This is a 1500+ line script with hard returns at each line, and a unique identifying line number for each line.

Because computer displays have loose timing standards, you may not be able to get them EXACTLY in sync... assuming all other factors are the same, the expected sync accuracy will be the percentage difference between the vertical refresh rates of the two computers.

See also this Knowledgebase article

TestStandard-LineNumbers.RTF TestStandard-LineNumbers.RTF

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