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My TeleScript Pro (or AV) appears to hang the system while "Initializing Printers".


Though we know this may be hard to believe, Windows does appear to have a personality of sorts. If your system seems hung on the Splash Screen (startup) and says "Initializing Printers", then here's most likely what's happening:

1. You're using Windows Vista and the default printer is a network printer;

2. You're using Windows Vista and there are no printers -- or no default printer;

Either of these scenarios will make it seems as though your system is hung... it's not -- but for whatever reasons, the timeout assigned by windows for this situation is extraordinarily long. The system WILL return, but it may take several minutes.

The easiest solution is to kill the application (use the Task Manager -- Ctrl + Alt + Del). Then assign a default printer -- even if this is just the Windows XMS Document Writer that is a part of Windows Vista and up. By the way... this is akin to Adobe PDF writer in that it saves a print image of a document that can be reopened using Internet Explorer. It's a good step towards a paperless office.

This issue seems to have been fixed in Windows 7, and we have not encountered it with Windows XP.

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