1. Download  and Install  TeleScript software, 

   If you don't already have the TeleScript software installer,  CLICK HERE
   Save the installer to a convenient location on your computer, 
   and when the download is completed, double click the installer icon 
   to run the program.

2.  Register your copy of TeleScript AVtm/TECHtm 

   After installing TeleScript software, double click the desktop icon
   to start the program. 

   You will see a screen such as this:

TAV Logo
challenge screen

"1A2B3C4D" is an example of the "challenge code" or Computer ID (CID).  These 8 characters uniquely identify the computer on which you are running TeleScript AV. Using  your mouse, select the 8 character code, and press <Ctrl+C> to copy the code to your clipboard.

  You may  create an email to registration@telescriptwest.com or reply to the order acknowledgement that you received after placing your  order. Whichever option you select, be sure to include your customer number  from the acknowledgement email) and paste the 8 character computer ID  code which you copied in the step above.

We will respond within 24 hours with your "Reg. Code", a 16  character code like the one shown in the figure below. When you restart TeleScript software, paste the  Registration Code into the box provided, then click "Register". Your  registration code will be recorded and you will not have to reenter it on  subsequent uses of TeleScript. This registration code is ONLY for the  the computer with the Computer ID that you supplied, and WILL NOT WORK  on any other computer.

registration screen

If you're a first time user of TeleScript software, press <F1> for Help.  The Getting Started tutorials in the Help files  will guide you through basic use.

If you would like a key enabled version of TeleScript software which can be run on any computer, or if you require a hardware controller, or a version of TeleScript software which can interface with Newsroom Computer Systems, please call Telescript West, Inc. at (512) 302-0766, or email info@telescriptwest.com

Telescript West, Inc.
Austin, TX  78757
PH: (512) 302-0766
FAX: (512) 302-1752

EMAIL: info@telescriptwest.com