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TeleScript AV Video Tutorials


To assist with both getting started and mastering advanced features, we've recorded and uploaded these Tutorials.

Tutorial #1 to #10 will help you get started with TeleScript AV at a very basic level. Note that these videos were recorded with the "Green Version" and there are minor discrepancies. We'll try to correct these as possible.

The Advanced Tutorials are cover Preferences that have changed or been added since the Basic Tutorials were recorded. More importantly, the Advanced Tutorial demonstrate the features that make TeleScript AV unique in the world of teleprompter... those features that, if mastered, will make the prompter operator look like "magic"! We will add to this as new features are added, and as time permits for production of videos.

No attempt has been made a making "slick" videos. The emphasis is on providing better assistance that can be attained by text based files. We welcome feedback and suggestions for new topics. Send to support@telescriptwest.com.

Basic Tutorials

Launch and Register - TAV-T1

Load Single Script - TAV-T2

Basic Edit and Save - TAV-T3

Basic Prompter - TAV-T4

Preferences 1 - TAV-T5

Preferences 2 - TAV-T6

Preferences 3 - TAV-T7

Preferences 4 - TAV-T8

Preferences 5 - TAV-T9

Preferences 6 - TAV-T10

Advanced Tutorials

Preferences Script 1 - Advanced Tutorial 1

Preferences Misc - Advanced Tutorial 2

Preferences Prompter - Advanced Tutorial 3

Exporting and Importing Files - Advanced Tutorial 4

Using the Preview Window - Advanced Tutorial 5

New Text Attributes in TeleScript AV - Advanced Tutorial 6

Insert Date, Revision, Other Info - Advanced Tutorial 7

KeyWord macro and style manager - Advanced Tutorial 8

Fonts and the Font Dialog - Advanced Tutorial 9

The ColorPicker Dialog - Advanced Tutorial 10


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