PayPal is a secure method of paying on the internet. Once you've established a simple PayPal  account -- and this page will show you what's involved -- you can use this account throughout the  internet: on Amazon, eBay, Network Solutions, Go Daddy... almost all major eCommerce sites. 

Scroll though the images and information on this page to see how PayPal payments work. 

If you encounter an "error" screen when you click the Add to Cart button,  it's probably because the "cookies" that let PayPal know what you're trying to order are being blocked  by your browser. Click Here.

When you click "Add to cart", a browser window (or new tab) will open showing  the contents of your cart (Fig 1).


PayPal Shopping Cart 
Fig. 1

View your cart. You may change the quantities of items, or remove items. When you're satisfied with the contents of the cart, click "Proceed to Checkout".

PayPal Checkout 
Fig. 2

You are then taken to payment pages  on the secure PayPal site. To pay by credit card, on the left, click "Sign up for a PayPal account and continue checkout." If you prefer to pay using an existing PayPal account, provide your login information  and pay in as few as three clicks.


Before you EVER provide your PayPal username and password when making purchases from the internet,  check to be certain the address bar of your browser shows There may, in fact will be other text in the address, but the URL will ALWAYS start with this prefix.

PayPal Checkout
Fig. 3

Fill in the credit card information form, provide an email and a password. Be sure to use a robust password which contains both upper and lower case letters, numbers and at least one symbol character. Here's an example of a robust password:


Click "Agree and Continue". Be certain to record your username (email) and password in a secure location  so you can use your PayPal account for future eCommerce transactions.

Next, you'll see the "Payment Confirmation" page. This will give you a confirmation page that you can print from your records. To see PayPal's own explanation of the payment process, follow this link...

PayPal Payment Tutorial

...and click the tab that reads "How It Works". Just ignore the last tab, "6. You Get Paid (the fun part.)". Rest assured  that we take absolutly no joy in taking your money.... 

...HA!!! just kidding!!!

Now... if you have a problem and after you click "Buy it Now" or "Continue", you see a screen similar to this:


You'll have to enable site cookie for PayPal. Here's how to do this on Microsoft Internet Explorer (other browsers will undoubtedly require a slightly different procedure.)

1. On the menu bar, click "Tools/Internet Options". This will display the Internet Options Preference Dialog.

2. Click the "Privacy" tab to display this Preferences Dialog:

Click the "Sites" button to display this dialog:


Enter "" in the space marked "Address of website", then click "Allow". \ will then appear in lower segment of the dialog which is labeled "Managed websites:".  Finally, click "OK" and close the Internet Options dialog. This should rememdy any problems  you might have encountered.